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19 July 2017
NIJHUIS: Even without a law quality assurance matters

Around the same week as the delay of the “Wet kwaliteitsborging” until January 2019 became known, Nijhuis Bouw B.V. signed a framework agreement for the use of both QR Controls and ED Controls. Corporate social responsibility includes managing project risks and assuring the quality during the construction phase. Despite the law being delayed for the time being, Nijhuis is very much aware that quality is a choice that makes a difference.

“Today, ED Controls is being used at almost every office and also with QR Controls we have achieved quite a lot” tells Davy Elshof, from the office in Rijssen, where he works on quality assurance, project based or not. He continues: “We started using QR Controls at the project Kraanbolwerk in Zwolle. Today we are working on 15 projects with both systems, including the new station in Wierden and the maintenance of 342 apartments in Doetinchem. In Wierden, at the station, we use QR Controls to make a certified building plan review and during the maintenance in Doetinchem we make a connection with an UAV-GC-contract. At another project we converted the entire list of demands from the client into a list of risks in QR Controls.”

Rijssen is the frontrunner in the use of both systems. “We recommend colleagues to start working with QR Controls as well. The question is whether or not the pressure is off or not, now the law has been postponed.” Still Nijhuis feels its important to continue with quality assurance. “That is why we deliberately signed a framework agreement. Because of the agreement we can now use ED Controls and QR Controls on an unlimited number of projects.”

“The best thing of course is the connection of both systems. In QR Controls you plan the control measures and QR Controls then puts these planned measures automatically into ED Controls. The measures can then be assigned.” After conducting the audit in ED Controls, the results of the audit are automatically uploaded to your risk analysis in QR Controls. “That makes quality assurance much easier”.

Good construction remains teamwork!

QR Controls is still a young system and Elshof is closely involved in the further development of the system. “I am in a test environment for new releases of QR Controls, in which I can give feedback. Thinking along in the development of a new system that really has value for the industry is satisfying. You can almost shape it yourself, because they accept a lot from us.”

1 February 2017
Jan Pieter van Dalen, Nieman Quality Assurance: “The first digital system that support the management of risks and requirement in an easy manner.”

How do you ensure that the end result of your project is in line with the predefined requirements? How do you keep an overview? And how can you control your project if risks arise? QR Controls was officially launched in January 2017. In collaboration with Nieman Quality Assurance, this quality assurance and risk management system has been designed. Big words, but what is the reasoning behind it?

The focus in the construction sector is shifting more and more from obtaining a permit in advance to being able to demonstrate the previously agreed quality during and after the build. Even without the law on quality assurance for building, it is becoming increasingly clear that it is important to identify and manage risks and to demonstrate the quality.

The most important thing is to raise awareness of the importance of this. This was the reason to approach Interactive Blueprints, the organisation behind ED Controls, to develop a supporting system,” says Jan Pieter van Dalen, Manager and Senior Consultant at Nieman Quality Assurance. He continues: “As far as support for the forthcoming law is concerned, more is needed than just consultancy services. A major point of attention in particular is the coaching prior to, during and at the end of the project, and the testing of the practical results against the pre-established requirements. A digital, easy-to-use system for both the construction party and the independent quality assurance provider is important.

The inspector must recognise the importance of an inspection which he conducts. “Contractors are now often still working from the processing level, while clients bear the responsibility for a final result at the regulatory level.” According to Jan Pieter, a more risk-based management must therefore be applied, both by the client and by the contractor. Nieman Quality Assurance supports with coaching and testing in the process, QR Controls offers the digital tools to identify, analyse and manage the risks in a clear way, and to activate and demonstrate quality assurance.

QR Controls is the first digital system that easily supports risk management, and thus requirements, throughout the process. “It is the only system that clearly links the theory of risk management and quality assurance with practice. And that is exactly what is needed with the changes that are coming,” says Jan Pieter. QR Controls ensures that decisions and actions are traceable during and after the completion of the project. This makes it easy to justify choices.

We have deliberately approached Interactive Blueprints, because we know that they are open minded and progressive and together we are in contact with many builders who share the same needs in terms of the new law,”says Jan Pieter. The beauty of our collaboration in designing QR Controls is that our ideas fit perfectly together.

Nieman Quality Assurance has no share in QR Controls to maintain its independence as coach and quality inspector. However, Nieman has provided risk packages to fill the system and have contributed to the design of the system. Nieman Quality Assurance is the specialist part of the Niemand Group that focuses on the Quality Assurance Act for the building and construction industry.